8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black

Caterpillar dry fly pattern

Caterpillar Dry Fly

I’m not sure why caterpillar fly patterns aren’t as popular as hoppers, beetles, and ants, but they should be! Especially useful in waters with overhanging trees and bushes, a big caterpillar makes for a big meal for a hopefully big trout. They’re easy and fast to tie, and they float really well. This version is […]

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Quill body caddis emeger

Quill Body Caddis

This Quill Body Caddis Dry Fly is a remarkable imitation of adult caddisflies. Its defining feature is the quill body, here tied using Polish quills, aka hand-stripped peacock eye quills. This meticulously designed body perfectly mimics the segmented look of caddisflies, enhancing its realism. Complemented by a wing made from elk hair, and a Whiting

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Mercury Brassie Midge

This little midge pattern is great for off-color water, and especially good for finicky fish when tied really small. It’s remarkably quick to tie, I usually whip off about 12 of these in 20 minutes or so, and sometimes tie a whole range with different color wires, and even use differentUV dubbing instead of the

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Caddis dry fly

Biot Caddis Dry Fly

The caddisfly, a common insect in freshwater ecosystems, plays a vital role in fly fishing. Us enthusiasts have developed numerous dry fly patterns to imitate caddis flies. These patterns often feature elk hair, CDC (Cul-de-Canard) feathers, and hackle to mimic the insect’s distinct shape and fluttering behavior. This pattern features a caddis green biot for

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