Caddis dry fly

Biot Caddis Dry Fly

The caddisfly, a common insect in freshwater ecosystems, plays a vital role in fly fishing. Us enthusiasts have developed numerous dry fly patterns to imitate caddis flies. These patterns often feature elk hair, CDC (Cul-de-Canard) feathers, and hackle to mimic the insect’s distinct shape and fluttering behavior.

This pattern features a caddis green biot for a body, with speckled badger hackle, elk hair, and CDC as an underwing.

This pattern was tied by Raymond Collette, aka @theokayfisherman on Instagram and YouTube. Check out his Etsy shop here.


Hanak 100
8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black
CDC Feathers
Rooster hackle — Badger
Turkey Biot — Caddis Green

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