Quill body caddis emeger

Quill Body Caddis

This Quill Body Caddis Dry Fly is a remarkable imitation of adult caddisflies. Its defining feature is the quill body, here tied using Polish quills, aka hand-stripped peacock eye quills. This meticulously designed body perfectly mimics the segmented look of caddisflies, enhancing its realism. Complemented by a wing made from elk hair, and a Whiting unique variant hackle collar, this dry fly pattern imitates caddisflies resting on the water’s surface during their hatch.

Try tying it in various sizes and colors to match local caddisfly species. Whether gently presented to rising trout or skated to simulate the insect’s natural movement, the Quill Body Caddis Dry Fly consistently draws strikes, making it an essential addition to any fly angler’s repertoire.

This pattern was tied by Raymond Collette, aka @theokayfisherman on Instagram and YouTube. Check out his Etsy shop here.


Hanak 300
8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black
Coq De Leon (CDL) — Cream
Rooster hackle — Badger
Elk Hair — Bleached
UV Resin — Clear
Flat Wire — Purple

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