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Upload image: Black Death

Black Death Tarpon Fly

The Black Death is a must-have fly pattern when fishing for Tarpon. Though it looks large and messy when dry, it slims down into a sleek-profile baitfish imitation in the water. Its light weight makes for a soft landing on water, crucial for these spooky fish. Another benefit of the slim profile is the large gape, making hookups more reliable, which is very important for these boney-mouthed monsters!

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Pheasant Tail Nymph

Top 10 flies for trout – nymph Patterns

Fly patterns to tie (or buy) Like our list of top 5 dry flies, and like any list, these flies are completely subjective and very dependent on the time of year and where you’re fishing. That being said, we’ve found that having these 10 nymphs in your fly box (in various sizes, shapes, and colors) will cover most situations.  Since most flies spend the majority of their lives as underwater fishing subsurface is usually much more productive overall than fishing with dry flies. Unless of course you’re lucky enough to hit

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Brown Trout

Fly Fishing in Northern Ireland

Fly Fishing Report Fly Fishing the River Bush With only a few days left of the season on the River Bush I was determined to make the most of the couple of hours I had available to myself this morning. A heavy mist was just lifting as I made my way to the river, giving way to an overcast but unseasonably warm day. Plenty of rain over the last couple of days had the river in spate, so the series of shallow channels cutting through the thick pond weeds that

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Adams Dry Fly

Top 5 dry flies

  What are the must have, top 5 dry fly patterns? Well as with any list, this is purely subjective, and based on this writer’s opinion, as well as the location and species that I fish for most (UK or US small streams, and trout).   Here are the top 5 dry flies that you’ll always find in my fly box: 1. Adams 2. Hopper 3. Elk Hair Caddis 4. Royal Wulff 5. Fur Ant Read on to find out more about each fly: 1. The Adams Dry Fly The

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A pile of fly tying hooks

A guide to fly tying hooks

Is the hook type important? Tying imitations of flies, insects, baitfish, and other aquatic creatures often requires that we use a specific type of hook for that fly. There are various hook types, each designed to suit specific fly patterns and fishing situations.  Let’s explore the different types of hooks, highlight popular brands, and see some examples of flies commonly tied on each type of hook. In almost every case, the hook suggested in a pattern will have multiple alternatives by different brands. In my opinion, as long as it’s a

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Patagonia Disperser 40L Roll top waterproof backpack

Gear Review: The Patagonia Disperser Waterproof Backpack

I’d been shopping around for a waterproof backpack ever since I took a spill a few months ago, soaking everything in my bag. When the black version of the Patagonia Disperser went on sale, I snagged one before they all sold out. I’ll be honest from the outset, while this is an amazing bag, it makes sense that they stopped making the black version; it’s basically a giant black hole, and seeing small items inside without a flashlight is nearly impossible.Patagonia never disappoints when it comes to outdoor gear, and

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DSCF3903 1

Review: Yakoda Fly Boxes

The Yakoda Fly Boxes are an excellent choice for any angler seeking a reliable and practical storage solution for their fly collection. I have both the Fly Tin and the Slim Tin. Let’s start with the Slim Tin, which is the larger of the two at 5.125″ x 3.375″, and the one loaded with flies in the photo above. I opted for the foam lid and foam tray, though you can get a magnet tray as well. I fit exactly 100 flies in my box, and that’s because I use

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What type of fly tying vise should you buy?

Buying a vise for the first time can be a dizzying experience, and even seasoned fly tyers can get lost in the vast sea of features, claims of innovation, and multitude of add-ons, options, and jaw choices that are out there.

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