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Review: Yakoda Fly Boxes

The Yakoda Fly Boxes are an excellent choice for any angler seeking a reliable and practical storage solution for their fly collection. I have both the Fly Tin and the Slim Tin. Let’s start with the Slim Tin, which is the larger of the two at 5.125″ x 3.375″, and the one loaded with flies in the photo above.

I opted for the foam lid and foam tray, though you can get a magnet tray as well. I fit exactly 100 flies in my box, and that’s because I use the lid to hold some wooly buggers and other larger flies. The foam slits on the tray really make this box versatile.

The Fly Tin is smaller overall at just 4″ x 2.5″, but a bit deeper than the Slim Tin, making it great for fry flies or wooly buggers with hackle that you don’t want to crush. It’s perfect for squeezing one more box in an already overstuffed vest, or just the opposite: a chest pocket box for the minimalists out there. It also perfectly fits a lighter, for those who puff on the water.

My favorite thing about the boxes is their aesthetic design. My green Slim tin has an embossed fish with the Yakoda logo in the middle, and my black and orange has a vintage logo with a cleverly placed “Colorado,” a place I was once lucky enough to call home. An added bonus is the smooth, flat back, which is perfect for adding a couple stickers to give your box a personalized touch.

The build quality of these boxes is outstanding, the metal and foam boxes should last much longer than most of my plastic boxes, and is better for the environment as well. The sturdy construction ensures that the boxes can endure accidental drops and bumps.

The Yakoda Fly Boxes are also designed with convenience in mind. The boxes are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. Their slim profiles allow for seamless integration into vest or pocket compartments, ensuring quick access to your flies when you need them most.

I also bought the Tactical Tweezers with my tins, and I have to say, they really make taking flies in and out of the boxes a breeze.

Though I currently only own these two boxes and a super-stylish beer koozie, this Colorado brand is one that I plan on supporting and buying from a lot in the future.

Check out their full selection, including some amazingly unique fly patterns on their site here.


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