6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black

Upload image: DSCF7185

Black Booby Fly

The Booby fly isn’t really a fly at all, it’s more of a category of flies. There are certainly as many varieties of boobies as there are wooly buggers, and we’re not just talking size and color. Some people tie these very simply with a marabou tail, some silver tinsel, a marabou body, and the

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Upload image: Quill body emerger

Quill Body Emerger

The dry fly quill body emerger is a highly effective fly pattern, particularly when targeting trout during insect hatch periods. This versatile and impressionistic fly imitates the transitional stage of aquatic insects as they emerge from their nymphal form to the adult stage. The quill body emerger’s name is derived from its distinct feature: a

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Realistic caddis pupa fly pattern

Realistic Caddis Pupa

This Realistic Caddis Pupa fly pattern looks so good you might not want to fish it, but if you do, it’s incredible for targeting trout and other freshwater species that feed on caddis pupae. This versatile pattern imitates the transitional stage of the caddisfly’s lifecycle as it transforms from a larva into an adult. Caddis

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Hot spot sexy waltz

Sexy Walt’s Worm

The original Walt’s Worm was named after and created by Walt Young, who fished it on Spring Creek in Central Pennsylvania. The Sexy Walt’s variation adds a hot spot, and sometimes a second color of dubbing behind the hot spot. This pattern was tied by Raymond Collette, aka @theokayfisherman on Instagram and YouTube. Check out

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Wooly bugger fly pattern

Conehead Wooly Bugger

This is a semi-standard wooly bugger, with the addition of some red rabbit rubbing just behind the conehead bead that’s brushed out to give the appearance of gills, or… blood? Anyway, it’s a red hotspot that seems to trigger fish pretty nicely. The Woolly Bugger is a renowned fly pattern cherished by fly anglers worldwide.

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Upload image: DSCF3956

R&B Sunny

This red and black jig pattern is perfect for dark or muddy water. The silver sunny bead adds a bit of sparkle compared to a smooth bead, and might also do a better job imitating an air bubble. The simplicity of using two different colored wires for the body removes a step of adding dubbing

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