Realistic caddis pupa fly pattern

Realistic Caddis Pupa

This Realistic Caddis Pupa fly pattern looks so good you might not want to fish it, but if you do, it’s incredible for targeting trout and other freshwater species that feed on caddis pupae. This versatile pattern imitates the transitional stage of the caddisfly’s lifecycle as it transforms from a larva into an adult. Caddis pupa flies can be tied in various colors and sizes, allowing anglers to match the specific caddisfly species in their local waters.

Use the Caddis Pupa when you observe caddisfly pupae rising from the streambed and ascending towards the water’s surface. This usually occurs before the adult caddisflies emerge, creating a prime feeding opportunity for fish. Caddis Pupa flies are designed to be fished beneath the surface. You can fish them on a nymph rig, such as a weighted leader or a strike indicator setup. Allow the fly to drift naturally with the current, imitating the pupa’s movement as it drifts toward the surface.


Hanak 360
6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black
Brahma Hen — Dyed Natural Brown
Pheasant Tail — Natural
Large Mono Eyes — Black
Nymph Skin — Smoke
Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing — Cinnamon Caddis

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