Wooly bugger fly pattern

Conehead Wooly Bugger

This is a semi-standard wooly bugger, with the addition of some red rabbit rubbing just behind the conehead bead that’s brushed out to give the appearance of gills, or… blood? Anyway, it’s a red hotspot that seems to trigger fish pretty nicely. The Woolly Bugger is a renowned fly pattern cherished by fly anglers worldwide. This versatile, time-tested creation is a go-to choice for enticing a variety of freshwater game fish, particularly trout and bass. Its success lies in its lifelike appearance and enticing movement underwater. Tied on a streamer hook, it has a marabou tail and palmered hackle that create a pulsating motion, mimicking the movement of baitfish or leeches. The Woolly Bugger’s effectiveness extends to its adaptability, as it can be tied in various sizes and color combinations to match local prey species. Whether fished with a traditional or modern approach, the Woolly Bugger consistently delivers thrilling strikes and enduring angling satisfaction.


Daiichi 2220
6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Black
Barred Marabou — Olive/Black
Rooster hackle — Black
Cone Head — Gold
Holographic Flashabou — Green
Lead Free Wire — .020

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