UTC 70 Denier — Black

(Approx. 8/0)

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Copper John

First created by John Barr in the 1990s, the Copper John has become a favorite among trout fishermen and women. While wire of some sort remains a mainstay of its many variations, the other materials have been substituted almost as much as any other fly. Pretty much every color wire has been used for the […]

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Straggle Bugger

Just another one of many variations on the classic wooly bugger pattern. The Straggle Bugger replaces both the traditional chenille and hackle with synthetic straggle hackle. This not only gives the pattern a flashier look, but also makes tying it much faster. In this variation we also add a second bit of marabou tied in

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The fur ant fly fishing fly pattern

Fur Ant

Tiny ant flies are often a saviour in summer months, and this super easy pattern is a must have in every dry fly box. The only time I ever got to meet George Harvey, he was speaking at a Trout Unlimited meeting in State College, and he brought a small plastic container full of these

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