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Lady and the Tramp

Made to imitate a Caddis.
Sits low on the surface and floats very well.

Two variations made to complement each other.

Lady is made with a tread base of waxed thread on a stronger wire dry fly or wet fly hook. Then a thick wing of McFlylon is added with a strong pinch wrap.

After that, both the wing and the head are cut flush and straight as in the photo.

Then mix together hares ear fur and some ice dub and cut and mix fine. Then add this to a dubbing noodle and wrap around the tie in point as a thorax. Now tie off the fly with a whip finish.

Now brush this well to make it spikey and lively. After brushing secure the whip finish with super glue or head cement or any other preferred varnish.

For The Tramp version, only tie in the wing and then whip finish and secure it with chemicals of your choice.

Creator is Simon Bandarian of Bandarian Fly Art from Sweden.


Daiichi 1170
UTC 70 Denier — Black
Antron Yarn — Cream
Hareline Dubbin — Hare's Ear
Ice Dub — Pearl

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