Pheasant Tail CDC nymph

Olive PT CDC Nymph

“This fly I created is the best of both worlds, while it’s extremely buggy it’s also realistic, with a 3.8 mm tungsten bead it puts itself in front of a fish quicker.” – Karson Eskeland

CDC is a wonderfully buggy feather that can be dubbed in a dubbing loop, wrapped like hackle, or tied on top of a fly like deer or elk hair on a caddis.

It can help a dry fly like this CDC Adams stay afloat, or can imitate legs and gills on a nymph like this one by Karson or this variation as well.


Ahrex FW511
6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Olive
CDC Feather — Olive
Pheasant Tail — Natural
Tungsten slotted bead — Black Nickel
Ultra Wire, Small — Green
Dry Fly Dubbing — Olive

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