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Are the Petitjean Magic Tools worth the price?

Update: July 14, 2023 — Enter to win a set of Magic Tools (Contest closes July 25, 2023)

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Some tools innovate, and some just do things the right way. Let’s be honest, the Petitjean Magic Tools aren’t innovative. There were people using sponges and bulldog clips or potato chip bag clips a long time before these tools came out. But what they lack in innovation, they make up for in expertise and efficiency. 

The main reason I ended up buying these (and they aren’t cheap, especially for plastic clips) is because they give me consistent results, and are designed specifically for fly tying. I tried the sponge and bulldog method, and it worked sometimes, but other times it was frustrating. The clips were too tight and sometimes damaged fine CDC feather barbules. Eventually, (like I did with the Smhaen dubbing twister) I decided to splurge and spend the money. So, are they worth it?

Petitjean Magic Tools Table Clip

Whether you’re dubbing, hackling, or putting various materials in a dubbing loop, the Magic Tools give you the necessary precision and control to achieve consistent and uniform results. This, to me, is key. 

The set comes with three table clips, and two “other” clips for lack of a better term. Having these different sizes is really nice, because it allows you to use small CDC feathers, as well as create large dubbing blends for big streamers or saltwater flies.

Marc Petitjean has thoughtfully provided instructional resources, including videos and tutorials, to help us maximize the capabilities of the Magic Tools. These resources offer valuable insights and tips, making the learning process more accessible and enjoyable.

While I can’t say that these tools are worth $60ish for everyone, I do think they were worth it for me. I’ve used them a lot since I’ve bought them, and I feel like they’ll last a long while. In the end will save me grief and time, which right there is worth the price of entry for me.



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