Caddis nymph fly pattern

Caddis Nymph

This variation of a caddis nymph larva is a simple and fun fly to tie. Here I use bright green / chartreuse floss for the body, and use a couple different shades of permanent marker to create an ombre effect going from dark green at the butt to light green at the head of the fly. I use copper wire for the ribbing, a little peacock herl for the thorax, and a bead head to give it weight. A neon pink collar is added to entice the fish a little more.

Imitating the aquatic larval stage of caddisflies, this caddis fly is a staple in the diet of trout and other freshwater fish. These flies are renowned for their versatility and effectiveness. Caddis nymphs typically feature a segmented body often adorned with peacock herl, dubbing, or synthetic materials to mimic the insect’s appearance. Their buoyant, pulsating motion underwater, achieved through bead heads or weight, makes them irresistible to hungry fish. Able to be tied in various sizes and colors, caddis nymphs are adaptable to match the specific species and conditions, making them a trusted weapon in any fly angler’s arsenal.

Caddis nymph fly pattern


Daiichi 1120
Floss — Green
UTC 140 Denier — Fl. Pink
UTC 70 Denier — Fl. Chartreuse
Peacock Herl — Natural
Brass Bead — Gold
Ultra Wire, Small — Copper

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