Adams dry fly pattern

Adams Dry Fly

How to tie the Adams

The Adams fly is a classic dry fly pattern renowned in fly fishing. Created by Leonard Halladay and named after his friend Charles Adams, this versatile fly imitates various mayfly species that float on the water’s surface. Its distinguishable features include a gray or brownish body, grizzly hackle, and upright wings made from rooster hackle fibers. The Adams fly’s realistic silhouette and presentation make it effective in fooling selective trout and other freshwater fish. It’s a go-to choice in a fly angler’s repertoire due to its adaptability and proven track record in enticing fish to rise and strike.

The fly in this image was tied with grizzly hen hackle tips as the wings, a variant feather for the wings, and Natures Spirit Fly Tying tailing fibers for the tail, though these can easily be substituted.

This pattern was tied by Raymond Collette, aka @theokayfisherman on Instagram and YouTube. Check out his Etsy shop here.


Hanak 100
8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed — Gray
Rooster hackle — Ginger
Rooster hackle — Grizzly
Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing — Adams Gray

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