Ultra Wire, Brassie — Red

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Black Booby Fly

The Booby fly isn’t really a fly at all, it’s more of a category of flies. There are certainly as many varieties of boobies as there are wooly buggers, and we’re not just talking size and color. Some people tie these very simply with a marabou tail, some silver tinsel, a marabou body, and the […]

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Pink Grayling Bomb

One of the most popular nymph patters for Grayling in the UK, the Pink Grayling Bomb uses two beads for extra weight, while imitating a pink shrimp. You can fish it in tandem with another nymph, tight-line style, or Euro nymphing.https://www.youtube.com/embed/5tQRIa9m0CA?embed=share

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Mercury Brassie Midge

This little midge pattern is great for off-color water, and especially good for finicky fish when tied really small. It’s remarkably quick to tie, I usually whip off about 12 of these in 20 minutes or so, and sometimes tie a whole range with different color wires, and even use differentUV dubbing instead of the

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R&B Sunny

This red and black jig pattern is perfect for dark or muddy water. The silver sunny bead adds a bit of sparkle compared to a smooth bead, and might also do a better job imitating an air bubble. The simplicity of using two different colored wires for the body removes a step of adding dubbing

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